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The ShadowShield®

The ShadowShield® is a new and innovative device that allows you to “approach the unapproachable! TM

As an all-inclusive, mirrored portable stalking, surveillance device, and mirror hunting blind the ShadowShield® is designed using the latest technology in polycarbonate, aluminum hardware, and lightweight construction.

Combining solid performance with distinctive style, the ShadowShield® really works. Just try it and you'll find it's the best portable stalking and surveillance shield yet.


New for Hunting, the 2010 ShadowShield®!

The ShadowShield® Sport is the newest  product for the serious hunter. When folded the ShadowShield® Sport is an effective mirrored stationary blind. However, if the game hangs up, it quickly  becomes a stalking shield, giving the hunter the option to pursue his/her quarry undetected! No other hunting product on the market has this ability! So effective you don't even need camo!



Law Enforcement & Military

Building on this cutting edge technology, Pine Harbor Holding Co. Inc. has created amazing products for Law Enforcement and Military units. Whether deployed in an urban setting or in the deserts of Iraq; the ShadowShield® provides the upper hand, protecting the men and women who serve.



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Jim Shockey and the ShadowShield



front view of the ShadowShield

Stalking Turkey with the ShadowShield

Stalking turkey with the ShadowShield®



ShadowShield White Blesbuck